The YNHCH Wish Book is a catalog of various items that could help make a real difference in the life of a sick child, a worried parent, or a family struggling with illness. 

Featured Gifts

Healthy Foods2
Healthy Snacks, 1-Month Supply
Caregivers and siblings spend long, stressful days by their loved one's bedside. Small comforts -...


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Board Games
Old-Fashioned Board Games
Few things are as distracting or social as a good old-fashioned board game like Candyland,...


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Aromatherapy kit
The aromatherapy kit contains essential oils - chosen especially for kids - to alleviate nausea...


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Comfort Bag
Comfort Bag for Tired Caregivers
A gift bag with items chosen specially to reduce the stress and fatigue that a...


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Teddy Bear
Cuddly Stuffed Animal
You can give the gift of a soft, stuffed animal to a young patient to...


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